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Beyond conventional systems and classrooms, learning can happen anywhere, anytime.


Integrated learning has been the buzz for a long time. And we all agree that subjects, especially in middle school, lend themselves to interconnected approaches.   The new education policy is also advocating similar cohesive methodologies. Teaching mathematics in isolation does students a disservice. One goal of mathematics teachers is to produce a mathematically literate nation where people can use the concepts from this subject to solve real-life problems. When mathematics is connected with other subjects, students can develop the intellectual scaffolding they need that will aid them and the nation for the future.

360 degrees - World School Online

Born of an earnest desire to bridge gaps and cross boundaries to enable anytime anywhere learning, the team searched far and wide for a concept with which we could made a small but meaningful impact on young minds and, through them, catalyse a new approach to lifelong learning.

With no dearth of good schools and great teachers, where is the niche that we could occupy and make a difference? The Eureka moment finally came after several brainstorming sessions with senior teachers, school principals, correspondents and parents – especially during the historical lockdown of 2020. Beyond conventional systems and classrooms, learning can happen anywhere, anytime. The brilliant Alternate Academic Calendar from CBSE paved the way to clarity. Drawing parallels from the learn at home approach, talking to home schooling parents and kids themselves, we saw light at the end of the tunnel.

Both kids and parents are eager to open up to a bigger world of learning. Teachers are totally in sync with the rich resources of the digital world. Where the road blocks appear seems to be the problem
of abundance. Too much information and chaotic clutter.

Team 360 degrees charted its course –
We would choose the best curriculum framework for middle school, deriving the best from all our boards, IB and even Finnish education best practices. A bank of resources would be built continuously and would be served as appropriate using a hybrid delivery model – both educator led
and the increasingly popular, self-motivated online learning.

All concepts for Science, Social Studies, Math and English would be mapped to the world around us – the environment, community, society and the world at large. In fact, they would connect to the Sustainable Development Global Goals and indicate how each one of us matters in the larger scheme of things . Awareness and civic responsibilities need to start with the young ones. And through them, effect a movement in society.

The 360 degrees World School has embarked on a voyage of learning. And we welcome all those
that believe in a wholistic approach to learning and the ‘Right of Way for all’.

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