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Who we are

We love to travel. We love to plan and organize. We love to see others enjoy the fruits of our labour.

We have done all this most of our lives



We are a team of friends, who after many decades, have opted to step back a bit from established routine to do what we enjoy most, and, succeed in doing it.

You can call us seasoned professionals with a fresh approach who bring diverse skillsets and strengths together to create great events and moments. Just for you.

We are CCE 360 Degrees.

Our success has been in creating great experiences for those that trust our creativity, taste, diligence and commitment.

Our discerning clients do. Will you?

  • Events

    • Corporate Events

    • Social Events

    • Celebratory events

    • Trails & Tours

  • Eco Trails & Retreats

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Wellness Tourism

    • Culture trails

    • Craft & Textile Trails

    • Food & Spice trails

    • Spiritual trails

    • Nature & Photo trails