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   The world has come to terms with the fact that none of us, no man, no country is an island – we are all interconnected. A part of the whole. And no man’s suffering is his alone – it has its repercussions in some part of the world – close by or across oceans and boundaries.


Haven’t we seen the impact of a global Pandemic that is still running rampant?


What better time than to approach all matters in a wholistic manner – 360 degrees , the right of way for all is our attempt to connect the dots that link the common man to global Goals for a better planet.  Yes, the SDG goals are not the task of some global body. It’s the collective responsibility of each of us.


Starting from teachers and students , influencing parents and families and therefore the community.


360 degrees world school online will stay relevant to age appropriate concepts mapped to the various common core curricula. The concepts will be applied and learned using the environment as an open book for learning.


Blooms taxonomy.  Multiple intelligences. Maslowes  hierarchy of needs  are some of the models that will be used in crafting these modules of applied learning We are alligned to SDG goals.

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