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SIMMER & STIR : The art of cooking up communication skills | A Degree Kapi Venture

Calling all foodies and communication connoisseurs! Buckle up for Simmer & Stir, a podcast where we explore the delicious connection between crafting a stellar conversation and whipping up a culinary masterpiece.

Here's the menu: we'll be serving up ideas that resonate with both food enthusiasts and communication champions.Consider it your recipe for success in creating beautiful shared experiences, whether it's over a perfectly seasoned meal or a captivating conversation.

Get ready to spice things up with insightful interviews with chefs, communication experts, authors, and even artistes who captivate audiences with fine arts.

Here's the secret ingredient: relatable analogies that'll transform your communication skills. We want every interaction to be a rich tapestry of ideas, leaving you feeling nourished and connected.

Craving a little extra knowledge on the side? We've got you covered with Forklore - our bite-sized segment packed with trivia and etiquette tips to elevate your next culinary or conversational encounter.

Simmer & Stir promises to be a delightful journey for anyone who wants to refine their communication skills and experience the art of crafting beautiful shared moments. So, grab your metaphorical ladle, sharpen your listening skills,and get ready to savor a smorgasbord of communication insights!

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